Virgin Coconut Body Oil with Papaya Extract

Virgin Coconut Body Oil with Papaya Extract


Introducing our amazing NEW Virgin Coconut Oil – One of the best Oils in the World from Samoa!

250ml Virgin Coconut Oil in a tall pop top bottle.

Our new oil  is straight for the beautiful Pacific Nation of Samoa. Grown on the Copra Plantations in Savaii they are nurtured with love and transported as fresh young virgin coconuts to be processed into the finest oil on the planet.

Certified Organic by BIOGRO New Zealand it is a Supreme High end Oil.

Texture is non-greasy and when applied to the skin it absorbs immediately due to the unique extraction process with a light coconut aroma and smell that is unbelievably  smooth to the touch.

Papaya Fruit Liquid Extract is included for its natural rejuvenating and regenerating properties. it contains Vitamin A, which has skin repairing benefits and Vitamin C which is a natural antioxidant that may help protect the skin from free radical damage and premature ageing.

Not for ingesting.

It is clear in looks with no smokey after smell.

This is now one of the best oils on the world market.

You will love the great smell and texture on your skin.

Your skin will drink it up.

No heavy or greasy residue left on the skin.

With Anti-bacterial & anti-viral properties.

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