Lotion Candles

Lotion Candles

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Try Our Coconut Massage & Lotion Candles

Let candle melt into a sensual pool of oil till it covers the top of the candle. The longer it burns the more oil it produces. Then blow out the candle and either use as a massage oil or burn for aroma and mood lighting. Every time you light your candle you will relive your last tropical holiday over and over. Every time you smell it on your skin you will be transported to a heavenly tropical garden of paradise. Each time you touch your skin you will be delighted by the smooth silky moistness that only comes from nature’s own earthly ingredients.

Housed in a real coconut shell this 150ml of pure indulgence will have you packing your bags for the tropics.

Candles to either burn for fragrance or use as a massage oil.

Aromas that will arouse your imagination and soothe your SOUL.
You’ll LOVE the way it leaves your skin feeling soft, silky and radiant.
With beautiful fragrances that will lure you into a tropical paradise.

  • Lemongrass – Burn to release the aroma and keep away the mosquito or apply to your skin as a mild repellent.

  • Frangipani – An oldie but a goldie – It’s your frangipani fantasy getaway.

  • Tahitian Vanilla – Smell like a vanilla cupcake all day long.Yum!!!

  • Tropical Fruit Salad – Smell sweet and sensual with this fun scent.

  • Rose – Ode to a Tropical Rose Garden. Lasts longer then a real bouquet of Roses.

Never burn unattended
Keep out of reach of children and pets
Never burn near flammable materials

For safe and efficient use.
Trim wick to 6mm each time
Extinguish flame before pouring.
Burn out of drafts
Do not burn candle for longer than 3 hours at a time
Total burn time approximately 35 hours

100% Soy bean wax
Infused with Pure Essential Oils
Certified Organic Camellia Oil, Certified Organic Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil,
Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
100% lead free cotton wick.

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