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Coconut Oil Products

Extra virgin, high quality coconut oil and natural skincare products by CoconutLove. Available online with fast delivery Australia wide.

You wouldn’t eat most beauty products, so why would you put them on your skin?

At CoconutLove, our range of skincare and beauty products are like no other; they are created from the humble coconut, which is as good for your insides as it is for your skin!

As an increasing number of people seek to include more ‘natural’ products in their everyday lives, the benefits of coconut have been exposed. While in recent times it’s been widely hailed as a ‘superfood’, it has also proven to be somewhat of a wonder product when it comes to skincare. The coconut tree isn’t known as the ‘tree of life’ for nothing; when it comes to your skin, coconut oil soothes sunburn, offers sun protection, moisturises and heals, has anti-ageing properties, works as an insect repellent, and can provide relief for conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Besides leaving you with beautiful soft skin, it can also help to improve the condition of your hair!

Is there anything this wonder fruit can’t do?

Our product range

At CoconutLove, we’ve made it our mission to spread the goodness of coconut oil. Using this ‘miracle’ ingredient, we’ve created a range of natural beauty products that your skin will thank you for.

Our range of coconut oil products includes a coconut clay mask, healing balm, sugar scrub, body oil, perfumed oil, moisturising body lotion, aromatherapy massage candles – and of course, organic extra virgin coconut oil!

What exactly is extra virgin coconut oil?

made from the ‘meat’ of fresh coconuts. Although there are a few different methods used to extract the oil from the meat, the best technique to use is direct micro-expelling (a type of wet milling). The coconut meat is cold-pressed within an hour of opening, releasing the oil. The end product is raw, unrefined and free from impurities.

Virgin coconut oil is superior to refined coconut oil. Refined oil is made from copra (coconut meat that has been kiln dried, sun dried or smoked). It’s usually refined, bleached and deodorised – and often it’s also hydrogenated. It’s refined coconut oil that has given coconut oil in general a bad name in the past; it should be avoided.

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Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to something a little indulgent, or are looking for the perfect gift for someone special, our extra virgin coconut oil beauty products are ideal.

Order online today and enjoy fast delivery Australia wide. If you have any questions, feel free to contact CoconutLove today – we’re always happy to provide more information regarding our range and the wonders of coconut oil products.

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Say goodbye to nasty chemicals and hello to natural beauty with extra virgin coconut oil!

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