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COCONUT LOVE wants to introduce you to the world of Coconuts. A place where only goodness prevails. Where delicious runs like a river and nutrition is in its veins. Where healthy and medicinal stand together like mountains of gold. For the Coconut is rich with Mother Nature’s Medicine.

Think of the coconut as a great loyal friend. A friend who will protect you from the elements. A friend who will help heal you, feed you, shelter you, refresh you and LOVE you.

Our Virgin Coconut oil is straight for the beautiful Pacific Nation of Samoa. Grown on the Copra Plantations in Savaii they are nurtured with love and transported as fresh young virgin coconuts to be processed into the finest oil on the planet. Every element of planting is Organic and toxic synthetic pesticides are never used.

Certified Organic by BIOGRO New Zealand it is a Supreme High-end Oil.

Come along and stay awhile and reap the rewards of having the humble coconut become a part of your daily life. Buy Coconut Oil and others Coconut products today.

Hail the Humble Coconut!!

Why Buy Virgin Coconut Oil from Coconut Love
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