What is a “good” Oil and what isn’t a “good” Oil!!!

How Do You Make Sure You Buy Quality Coconut Oil?

Well “Good” healthy Virgin Coconut Oil is pressed from the flesh of a top quality coconut. Not an old coconut that’s been lying around for weeks on the ground.
Nothing is added and nothing is taken away from the goodness in the extraction process. If you are looking for the “good” Oil that is supreme in quality then you need to know how it feels on your skin. Don’t just read the label and assume this is what you are getting.

What is Sebum and why Coconut Oil?

Sebum is natural oil produced by the human body. Coconut Oil produces the closest natural chemical called Medium-Chained Triglycerides (MCTs) to our own Sebum. So “good” oil will absorb into your skin and not feel greasy. Best applied slightly warmed or when you have stepped out of the shower and your body is warm or you’ve been in the sun. This is when it will start to work its magic, offering a powerful protective barrier which helps fight against viruses, yeast (thrush), germs, and bacteria, ageing and sun damage repair and so much more.

So when next you apply VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) to your skin and it sits on the skin you may want to consider how old it is, how was it extracted, does it have additives, has it been machine heated in the extraction process. Be conscious of where you buy your VCO. Some suppliers of oil may not be the sourcing the greatest in quality as they buy bulk and it may have remnants from many oils sitting at the bottom of the barrel (so to speak).

How to check for rancidity:

• If it’s yellow in colour. It should be clear when melted.
• Smells off, tastes off
• Makes you ill when ingested
• Break outs from applying to your skin
• Mould developing at the bottom of container.

Educate Yourself!

Do some research, ask some questions. Find out where the oil is from and if you are lucky enough to find a good VCO provider, ask them if they have seen this oil being made. You’ll be surprised how much one supplier will know to the next.

Passion over profit!!

At Coconut Love we are working on being just that type of provider. The fact that we are so passionate to provide such high quality oil means that we are working on being informed right from the time the seed is planted through to the growing process to the extraction process to the bottle we pack it in. There is more to why we are in this business then just pretty packaging and trips to the tropics. We are in the business of Healing from the “Tree of Life” so that you can benefit from Mother Nature’s offerings. We feel very blessed to be able to offer this and so we infuse our blessings into our products. Be confident and informed that what you buy from Coconut Love will be the “good” Oil. Try our oil and let us know what you think and how it’s been working for you. Sign up to our newsletter and keep updated as we journey to villages in Samoa to find just that!

By Camellia Strong

Will WIlliams