Stop asking if it’s Organic!


The other day I was challenged to write a blog post that addresses the question of whether a product is Organic.

So here goes;

My business is not just about the products I sell but it’s about my far reaching goals that will stem from making Coconut Love a household name.


I want to take you to paradise and invite you to bask in the sunshine while you are lathered in the good oil. Turn you over after 15 minutes then repeat until you are golden brown and ready for the next phase.

I want to grab you by your golden brown arms and run you on the beach. Dump you in the ocean and say here now, HEAL!

I want to lead you to a massage table under the shade of a Coconut Palm with a view of the beautiful expansive big blue ocean and massage your limbs to your cry with joy.

I believe that Mother Nature is here for you to indulge in her healing benefits and luscious natural fruits and plants that if you pulverise and blend you can smear all over you to uplift your spirits and connect to your Body, Mind and SOUL.

The heart tells me we are in much need of soothing and requiring some glorious and nurturing time out.

We all need a holiday and a pampering experience so come along with me and experience what Organic Coconut Love Skincare is really all about.

It’s not just a lotion in a bottle or a scrub for your next pedicure. It’s about tasting, feeling and experiencing where this coconut oil came from that eventually became a bottled commodity that sits on your bedside table ( oh by the way it’s awesome and non toxic for your next bedroom romp). It’s not just about ingesting for inner health and it’s definitely not just about packaging and websites to make a sale.

In case you do want to know more about the benefits of Coconut Oil there are a lot of great books to read by Dr Bruce Fife N.D and so many websites you can reference for all the great healing benefits of this wonderful oil gifted from the “Tree of Life”.

I want you to feel it, taste it and fill your senses with delicious smells of the tropics.

Did you ever think when you look at a bottle that confesses to being Organic what it really takes to be labelled that??

Do you know how it became organic? What does that mean to you?

It’s not just people in white coats walking around ticking boxes in a processing plant to qualify your product as “Certified Organic

I’ll tell you what it means!

It means the farmer planting that sapling has thought to invest a little bit more time and effort into raising it with love and not dowsing it with horrific pesticides because they truly care about the environment. They understand the far reaching consequences when applying horrible toxic ingredients to the soil and what it can eventually do to the land around it.

What’s great is we don’t use pesticides where we grow our coconuts in Samoa.

It’s about the farmers that farm these lands that pick their foods from the earth not from a supermarket aisle.

It’s about sun ripened, not gas ripened. It’s about trusting in Mother Nature and growing foods in sunlight, not artificial light.

“Soil can be degraded and the community of organisms living in the soil can be damaged by the misuse or over use of pesticides. Some pesticides are more toxic to soil organisms than others. Some pesticides may break down quickly when applied to soils, while others may persist for longer periods. The type of soil and the type of pesticide can also affect pesticide persistence”

I’ve put my hand in that luscious soil and it’s cool to the touch. I’ve pushed a sapling deep down and prayed over it and given it Love and wished it well. That is organic.

It’s about trusting in the flow of life and following your instincts and allowing your thoughts and processes to grow organically.

So next time you’re scrolling through the web or talking to a stall holder selling organic products ask them to give you the reality of how it came to be labelled “ORGANIC”.

It’s such a hip word today in western society but do you really know what you’re asking?

Definition of organic;  of, relating to, or derived from living organisms organic evolution (2) :  of, relating to, yielding, or involving the use of food produced with the use of feed or fertilizer of plant or animal origin without employment of chemically formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or pesticides organic farming organic produce.

I want to take you further and give you the chance to relish in what I consider the ultimate shopping experience.

LIVE IT!       BREATHE IT!       TOUCH IT!       SMELL IT!

Row after row lined with trees and the beautiful smells of the tropics which I try desperately to replicate in each product line, I conjure up for your ultimate pleasure and indulgence.

So follow me on my journey as I create a world of Healing and Love with Coconut Love.

Namaste, Blessing and Joy to you!

Will WIlliams