Our Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts – Virgin Coconut Oil


We’d like to share our lovely bunch of coconuts with you though they’re not in the form that you’d expect; I am talking about bottled Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. You might be wondering what on earth you’d do with a bottle of Coconut Oil, and I assure you that you’ll be surprised by what you’re about to read. Virgin Coconut Oil, straight from the loving embrace of Mother Nature herself is an organic gift intended to restore your skin to its former glory. Soft, smooth, strong, resistant, healthy, vibrant…and beautiful; just the way nature intended.

Our Little Miracle In A Bottle Straight From Mother Nature Herself

You see, they say that Mother Nature is a cruel mistress… though they often neglect to mention how she is equally open handed and forgiving. From Mother to Mother she understands that the burden of pregnancy, labour and raising a child is unforgiving to a woman’s body; recognising this she gifts to us her natural remedies. From cracked nipples to stretch marks and scars; Virgin Coconut Oil is the ultimate restorative elixir! The most beautiful thing of all is that in using this Organic gift, you eradicate the necessity to rely on some of the most toxic and potentially damaging concoctions on the market today.

You can read the label of any of your beauty products on your shelves and find a plethora toxins…solving one problem but causing another. In most products you will find alcohol…what good can alcohol truly do for your skin? If you ask me alcohol is great for two things only; sterilising and inebriating! Virgin Coconut Oil is entirely natural, organic and a phenomenal way to lessen your exposure to harmful toxins. It can even be used on your baby, when applied with a gentle massage; nurturing the skin of your loved ones too. What’s not to love? Our Coconut beauty products are 100% natural and for just $15 dollars you can procure a bottle of nature’s nurturing oils. That’s a better price than the majority of the beauty products on the market, only VCO is healthier, safer and more effective!

You Can’t Beat The Natural Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil

So how does it actually work? Well VCO is well versed in hydrating your skin; it sinks deep into your pores, conditions, softens and moisturises it. Virgin Coconut Oil is not laced with the petroleum bi-products found in the lesser, commercial lotions…it is pure. Our skin is kept naturally oily with a substance known as Sebum. When this substance mixes with dead skin, bacteria and dirt; it can clog your pores which can lead to acne and blemishes. What Virgin Coconut Oil does is naturally clear the grime and dirt away and even kills off certain bacteria with its organic anti-bacterial properties.

It is an all-around natural solution to your daily skin problems. Not only does it have a beautiful and appetising aroma, but it can also soothe bug bites and aid with rashes and skin healing. It eradicates flaking dead skin cells, shrinks and softens those ever encroaching wrinkles and even protects against solar damage. Virgin Coconut Oil is a natural way of preserving your tan, keeping your skin looking colourful and healthy. It acts as an organic antioxidant which helps combat cellular aging among many other things. Save money on face wipes and make-up remover because VCO is fit for the task. If that’s not enough you can even use it as the perfect massage oil to get things heating up in the bedroom!

If the fantastic benefits from Skin Care still haven’t got you hooked on VCO, you should try using it on your hair as well! I know right? I bet out of all of the moisturisers and lotions sitting on your shelves right now; you won’t find one that can be used as a natural hair conditioner too. Virgin Coconut Oil literally is the Swiss Army Knife of the cosmetic World, and while it can’t be used for whittling; VCO helps with healthy growth of hair utilising its natural nutrients and renders your beautiful locks with an unmatched quality and shine. It can significantly reduce the protein loss that often leads to unattractive qualities in your hair such as dry scalp and split ends. It is particularly brilliant when applied in treating cradle cap and dandruff.

Need I say more? Try it for yourself, get online today and order your first batch of this organic and spectacular remedy. Simply trial it and reap the rewards; you will not be disappointed at all. Take care of yourself and stand out in the crowd with healthy looking hair and skin, and a natural confidence that can only be achieved when safe in the knowledge that Mother Nature has got you covered!

Will WIlliams