Damn you Menopause!


As women we have been blessed and suppressed with much. Our feminine energy is powerful. Whether we know it or not we have inner strengths beyond our outer exterior.

In no way is this blog a feminist rant but rather a truth as we know it or we should by the time we find our spirituality.

From the moment we are born unto this beautiful blue Earth we call Gaia or Mother Earth we have had a presence that matters.

We are bearers of other Souls; we are nurturers and we are protectors. We guide with LOVE and intuition and we are teachers.

We are within us a Wonder Woman, when times get tough we are able to leap from challenge to challenge as mothers, wives and lovers.

As we hit our pre- teens and develop into women our bodies prepare for menstruation, moons, monthly’s, “best friends” or whatever we choose to name it depending on how we feel at the time. Our circumstances guide our love or hate of our periods and for many of us it is a burden.

We sometimes joke and say “I can’t wait to have menopause” and willingly look forward to this stage of life when we can transition into Menopause but and I mean a BIG BUT no one can really explain how it is. We need to go through it to find out for ourselves.

At 48 yrs old I’m in the early stages and for me it is damn hard.


The shakes, the palpitations, the irregular periods, the dryness, the aches and pains are rocking my world.

I’m a hot mess!

Some women glide through it and I say Kudos to you lucky woman, but for some it’s a total nightmare. The mood changes, the lack of clarity (fuzzy brain). Not to mention the anxiety. Feeling incompetent where once I was very capable.  The high cholesterol, the weight gain, shall I go on?

So how do we deal with this next stage of our lives?

I believe in meditation but I can’t meditate all day. I am now on the search for a balance with meditation and medication.

The medication I am looking for is from an earthly source. We’ve all heard of Evening Primrose and natural Hormone replacements but I believe we need a combination of many things that I term as “earth medicine”.

Here are some of my medications.

  • Yoga is great for strength building and muscle tone, maintaining a balanced metabolism, improved energy and vitality, flexibility and weight maintenance are just some of the amazing benefits.

  • Breathe work is a great way to bring clarity to the mind. We need oxygen to fuel our cells and calm down our nerves. Under moments of stress and anxiety this is a great practice to learn.

    “To deny yourself breathe is to deny yourself life”

  • Meditation when practiced can help improve concentration.It can slow down ageing, aids in building our immune system and brings happiness to a dark day. It connects us to our higher self and practiced with Gratitude brings positivity and a heartfelt sense of love. It helps raise our consciousness which gives us a sense of freedom within ourselves.

    The sun, the wind and the air

  • A walk in the park to get in touch with Mother Nature is a great mind soother. Getting into nature can help to increase those happy hormones and if you have the time to invest in a dog, preferably from a rescue dog shelter, they in turn will rescue you. Yes it’s a lot of commitment but having a fur-buddy by your side can have healing benefits for your heart and they are a friend for life.

  • Seeing a Naturopath to discuss alternative treatment after visiting your GP can also be of benefit. Pharmaceutical isn’t the only choice we have these days.

Look for alternatives which could include counselling whether professionally or talking to other women can help immensely.

Don’t hold it in ladies.

We are not alone on our journey and you’ll be surprised how many women are going through these similar issues.

We are all sisters.

Super foods are my newbie and eating nuts and nourishing greens and fruits,  that help to balance our hormones are the way to go. Eating healthy for the body, mind and Spirit is a must as we get older.

“Water is life” – hydrate –  hydrate – hydrate


       Exercise at the gym, in your home or in the great outdoors whether gentle or  vigorous can help. 

Make Love not war (optional) with our partners if we feel the urge.

“Oh bring back that loving feeling cause it’s gone, gone, gone”

In the end it’s what will work for us but first and for most get your bloods checked and then set your goals on how to combat what can be a horrible stage of our later lives.

One thing I would suggest is please don’t let it become your world. This is my new fight now; to find that balance that will help me overcome this transition of womanhood.

I would love to hear what you do and how you are coping with your journey. Your contributions will undoubtedly help our sisters who are reading this.

I believe in listening to our bodies and following our inner guidance. Take time out to have a long relaxing bath with some mood music and a candle. Close your eyes and dream of a tropical paradise where you are basking in the sunshine with the waves lapping at your feet.


Will WIlliams