Hail to the humble Coconut!
We’re nuts about Coconuts. We LOVE Coconut so much we made a business of it!

Our Mission:

This website is dedicated to educating you and transforming your opinion about the humble Coconut. Given a bad rap for many years by the “less superior” Oil companies for fear of dominating the Oil Market, Coconut Oil has forged ahead to prove that goodness and quality prevails. Nature comes through yet again and dominates our lives.

Found throughout the Pacific, Asia and India it is a sought after palm. The fruit of the palm called the Coconut is hailed as a miracle fruit.
With its wide range of purposes it is known as “The Tree of Life”.
Its many and varied uses makes it a versatile fruit not only for nutritious consumption but also for its fibre which can be spun into rope to fasten boats, used for furniture, industrial machinery and much much more.
Its medicinal powers reach far and wide with constant research and joyous discoveries of its curable benefits of incurable dis-eases.
For the skin, words cannot describe what you, yourself must feel. The smooth and silky results combined with anti-ageing properties are to be celebrated.
Pacific Islanders and Asians across the seas have known this secret for centuries and it’s in their blood, their veins and in their genes. Offering sun protection, soothing from sunburn, as an insect repellent and relief from eczema and psoriasis, this magic fruit is one of Mother Nature’s gifts to human race. We must embrace it graciously.

Food, Glorious Food!!

Where does one start? Let’s start with Coconut.
Follow us on our mission to educate, invigorate and validate Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Coconut Water and everything Coconut for its great uses from skincare to delicious Coconut based recipes to its medicinal uses and cures.
Come along with Coconut LOVE as we take you on a passionate journey and through our product range you too can “take home a little bit of paradise”.