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    Coconut is one of Mother Nature’s most versatile gifts. With flesh, milk and oil that promote health and beauty, the humble coconut isn’t just a super food, it’s one of the best natural products to use on the body – for numerous different reasons. Consuming coconuts can help reduce appetite, aid weight loss and digestion, reduce the risk of cholesterol, high blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. When applied externally, natural virgin coconut oil can moisturise and heal damaged skin, it can protect the skin from UV rays, reduce the appearance of stretchmarks and even help repair and rejuvenate hair. If that wasn’t enough, coconut oil can also kill bacteria, viruses and fungi to help fight infections and other diseases. These are just a few of the reason why coconut should just be part of your diet it should also be favourite item among your health and beauty products.

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    Straight from mother-earth, cold pressed and delivered to you in the most organic way possible, our delightful natural virgin coconut oil is a magical elixir that boasts many anti-aging and medicinal properties. Being one of the best natural lotions, the high antioxidant content of coconut oil helps repair and rejuvenate damaged skin, whilst its antibacterial properties help fight off infections and other diseases. Perfect for use a moisturizer, sunscreen (SPF4), after sun cream, and personal lubricant, coconut oil is a delightfully scented natural product that can help your skin, and hair, appear younger and more radiant. These are just a few of the reason why coconut should not just be part of your diet but also a favourite item among your health and beauty products.

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    Natural virgin coconut oil is chock full of antioxidants – a molecule that helps reduce the production of free radicals known to break down cells and cause cancer – these antioxidants have great healing and anti-aging properties. Commercially produced sunscreen, on the other hand, is packed full of toxic chemicals that may actually increase the risk of cancer. Coconut oil is a great natural moisturizer and its antioxidant properties work as an effective gentle sunscreen. Coconut oil has a Sun Protection Factor of 4 (SPF4) – ideal for spending time under the cooler rays of the morning or early evening sun. Note: Remember to practice safe sun-care by avoiding direct exposure during peak hours. Always reapply sunscreen at regular intervals, and never spend extended periods of time under direct sunlight. In addition, natural virgin coconut oil is so versatile that it not only protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, it also works great as an after-sun skin care lotion. Simply apply the oil to you skin, and let the natural moisturizing and healing properties get to work!

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    Welcome to Coconut Love where we offer beautiful natural products straight from the Coconut Palm. This site is dedicated to show you that the most natural products can offer great health benefits. Coconut Love will teach us to slow down and nurture ourselves, as life can be so busy at times. We can forget to take 5 minutes out of our daily routine to connect to our true essence, so let Coconut Love help us find that moment in time. Coconuts are one of Mother Nature’s gifts. With flesh and milk that’s delicious to consume and natural oils that provide us with many health benefits, coconuts are not only a fantastic source of nutrition, they are also used to make some of the best natural beauty products on the market. So lets reap the benefits of the fantastic seed from the tropical palm.

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Our 100% natural coconut beauty products leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and moist. Perfect to use straight after the shower, a swim, a spa session, or a day at the beach. It’s also gentle enough to use on your face, our coconut beauty products can help prevent dryness and give you that all over refreshed feeling, together with a healthy glowing healthy skin.

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The medicinal and antibacterial properties of coconut oil make it ideal for anti aging skin care, as well as hair care. It can be used as a moisturizer, sunscreen, after sun lotion and a personal lubricant. It’s also an effective treatment for dry and damaged hair.

With heavenly tropical scents, our coconut massage candles can add that sensual touch to any room. Light the candles for aromatherapy and ambient lighting to help set the mood. Then blow the candles out and use the cool liquid as a smooth massage oil.

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Cold pressed and 100% natural, our virgin coconut oil is the highlight of our coconut beauty products. Natural coconut products are a true wonder of Mother Nature. With so many health promoting applications, there’s every reason to be using this enchanting natural oil instead of the mass produced, commercially marketed products that often contain nasty chemicals and other added ingredients.

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